ORIGINAL DESIGN | 'Kings' (2017)

Directed, photographed and edited by Charles Leek.
Produced by Charles Leek (Bark Media) & Chris Cooper.

Performance: Chris Cooper, Denitsa Nikolova.
Production Assistants: Alexander Saunders, Samuel J. Day.
Special thanks to Gary Morrisroe, Ella Gainsborough.
Shot on location in Manchester and Salford.
Music Video made for the ORIGINAL DESIGN single, 'Kings' from the 'Technicolor Rendered' E.P.

The music video for ‘KINGS’ uses figurative architectural and industrial photography against stark shots of performance to echo the songs aching sentiments of modernity, modality, aspiration and permanence. The use of the triptych as a framing device creates a developing collage, informing a self-referential, contemporary response to an onslaught of information, progressing to enable a dissonance that is both demanding and disorientating. Directed by regular collaborator Charles Leek, inspiration for the video was taken from the work of Cyprien Gaillard, Francis Bacon, Berenice Abbott and David Carson.


The Skinny
Louder Than War: 'Is video once again the frontier of art in the industry?' (Review)

Behind The Scenes

Photographs by Charles Leek.